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What is a technical SEO audit?

Before you wildly create any technical tickets, you should have your as-is status checked. The key questions are:

  • Will my page be found at all?
  • What is in the index and do I want to keep it?
  • Does the page load correctly and fast enough?
  • Does the Google crawler get to see what it should?

Is that enough?

Contact directly!

Tools / audit approach

I put your site to the acid test using the following:

  • Screaming Frog
    Overall impression, number of pages, error pages, canonical problems
  • Search Console
    Indexing, crawl statistics, manual measures, top pages
    Ranking pages, keyword history, Google update effects
  • Waybackmachine
    History in combination with SISTRIX (e.g. why did the old site work better)
  • Logs (Access Logs, Kibana)
    Visualization of accesses of the crawler and other bots
  • Chrome DEV Tools
    Load behavior, network requests, protocols ... everything
  • ahrefs
    Backlinks Check, Disavows, Link Potentials

Audit report & recommendations for action

You will get an individual PDF report from me (no template or whitelabel stuff) with really critical measures, I don't like to deal with small stuff like length of titles, missing descriptions, etc.

  • All the above mentioned points that have errors or potentials
  • Recommendations sorted by Quick Win / Prio and who has to implement them

What happens after the audit?

If the recommended actions are too technical for you and you don't know how to get them implemented, you can also book me afterwards so that I, either myself, or together with your developers tackle the actions.

Who does the whole thing?

That would be me, Ruslan. SEO Freelancer from beautiful Cologne Ehrenfeld.

For over a decade I have been creating SEO audits for job portals, universities, e-commerce stores, agencies and sometimes SMEs.

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Ruslan Julbarissow - SEO Freelancer aus Köln


For over a decade Ruslan has been my freelancer of choice for SEO, Drupal, UX, coffee... he can do it all *.
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