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What is technical SEO anyway?

The term seems to have really taken off only in the last 10 years. The reason for this is that classic search engine optimization has become significantly more difficult:

  • Keyword stuffing, WDF*IDF do not work the way they used to
  • Swapped, purchased backlinks are detected faster (manual measure says hello)
  • User experience factors are suddenly relevant

All points that have dampened the old gold-rush mood.

Technical SEO aims to ensure that the technical basics of a page are guaranteed. This includes points such as page health (error codes handling), pagespeed, caching, parameter configuration, duplicate content avoidance, Robots.txt optimization and a bit more.

Overview of my SEO services

Technical SEO Audit

I put your site to the acid test and uncover weak points that block your SEO strategy.

More about SEO Audits

Support for relaunches / domain changes / migrations

So that your world does not colide after your relaunch. I make sure that everything goes smoothly and your visibility is maintained.

More about relaunch support

Shopify SEO

In recent years, Shopify SEO has been increasingly requested as a service. Shopify unfortunately still makes it quite difficult to implement the most normal SEO requirements without the use of 345 apps.

Since then, I've worked on a few stores and created and optimized a multilanguage Shopify store myself for a client.

SEO Monitoring

I'm happy to set up alerts for you, monitor your development and create(automated) Datastudio / Looker reports.

I am not an online marketing agency that charges 12 hours a month for their whitelabel report.


Do you need technical SEO?

A portfolio site or a small service provider with 10 subpages usually does not need technical SEO. Google will understand what your intention is.

However, if your site has more than 5000 subpages, it gets a bit more exciting. Then it is important to deliver the most important content to the crawler faster and more comprehensible. Google rewards structured data, speed, savings of crawl budget, etc.

If none of this means anything to you, there could be potential.

Before contacting me: Checklist / FAQ

To avoid misunderstandings & disappointments in advance, here is a small overview of what I can offer you and what not:

General questions about SEO:

I like to charge hourly instead of taking any lump sums that are often not provided in terms of performance. Common hourly rates are €75 to €150, according to an iBusiness survey. I don't charge more than that either, don't worry.

Depending on the size and complexity of the site, I would expect at least 1-2 man-days. If competitor and industry analyses are added, it can cost 1-2 weeks.

For small or new sites without a strong trust and backlink profile, it takes months to years for a site to really take off. Existing, larger sites are more grateful: a small, targeted lever can lead to a doubling of visibility within a few weeks. But the opposite is also true: One wrong lever and the visibility is gone.

Then check out: FAQ Technical SEO


For over a decade Ruslan has been my freelancer of choice for SEO, Drupal, UX, coffee... he can do it all *.
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Oh, this SEO guy is one of the few I would introduce to my new employer without reservation.
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If you're looking for an SEO specialist who can also do Shopify - without full-bodied promises - you've come to the right place!
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