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Is Shopify a good CMS from an SEO perspective?

Basically, Shopify's success is a good sign, as the shares of Woocommerce, the worst ecommerce CMS of all time, are being reduced.

Smaller store operators are thus offered a foolproof platform that is not paralyzed by the installation of a plugin, CDN included.

Nevertheless, Shopify also has its disadvantages. For example, the system is unsuitable for more complex stores that want to rely on a hierarchical category structure. Every category is on the same level, period.

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Typical Shopify SEO problems

Translatable URLs

Shopify's SEO department is very particular and not particularly competent.

With a little effort, your entire store including collections URLs can be translated (assuming one of your languages is English).

Duplicate content

Indexed tags, incorrect canonicals, products with multiple URLs. The list of potential duplicate content disasters with Shopify is long.

I know the problems and can solve them independently.

Basic SEO fields

Depending on the theme and set-up, it can be difficult to place a text below the products on a category page.

You don't immediately need 13 apps that cost €15/month to achieve this.

Who does the whole thing?

That would be me, Ruslan. SEO Freelancer from beautiful Cologne Ehrenfeld.

For over a decade I have been creating SEO audits for job portals, universities, e-commerce stores, agencies and sometimes SMEs.

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Ruslan Julbarissow - SEO Freelancer aus Köln


For over a decade Ruslan has been my freelancer of choice for SEO, Drupal, UX, coffee... he can do it all *.
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